For the Grower you know best

Whether growing food for the family at home, growing food for the community in a market garden, or simply getting food from a local farmer; this holiday season, give the grower you know best the tools and gear they need to bring home that harvest, big or small.

The gift of a well-earned harvest

We visited Jamie and Sarah in Nova Scotia of Off Beet Farm. Driven by their mission to rejuvenate the soil and people they encounter, they shared their essential items for ensuring a bountiful harvest.

The gift of community

Give the gift of community and inspiration with the 2nd and 3rd edition of Growers & Co. Magazine along with the Opinel No. 10 Harvest Knife.

The gift of home gardening made easy

Avid home gardeners, Anita and Nils from Casa Dunya, share their favorite planting essentials with us.

The gift of healthy, balanced soil

Make sure every aspect of the soil is well cared for and that every harvest is bountiful with the Bed Preparation Rake, Stirrup Hoe, the Opinel No. 10 Harvest Knife, an Organic Cotton T-shirt, and the durable Omani field belt.

Growing Change

Every purchase
empowers a farmer

With your help, we support 12 farms a year with equipmentknowledge and a financial donation so they can perfect their craft and better feed their communities.