We met the crew from Les Carottés Farm
to find out how it all started, and their
secret to successful growing. 




Eloise, how did Les Carottés Farm start?

E: If I start at the very beginning, it was when I was studying art in Montreal. I knew that I couldn’t spend my life in the city. So, I came home and it was there that I was like: ‘I'm going to farm’. And then once Francis came along, it was quickly obvious that we were going to start a farm together. Francis does all the organization of the tasks that are related to the permanent, structural items on the farm. And then, Laurence came. It's not even clear to me yet how she got here but it felt natural. We had been operating the farm for 2 years, and then needed someone who had the exact skillset she had. She really has a daily organizational strength. And then I make sure things run smoothly, and that everyone is okay, that the tasks are done well.


Francis, tell us a bit more about your background. Did you always want to farm?

F: I don't come from an agricultural background, but I realized pretty quickly that I needed to always be moving and taking on projects. That’s what I like most about working on the farm. Over time I also discovered that I liked the autonomy, and also liked the community that grew around the farm. I find it very rewarding.

Laurence, how did you end up at Les Carottes Farm?

L: I had studied a lot in other things before and always wondered what I was going to do for a living. Agriculture really appealed to me, so I started studying in it, and then it became pretty clear that I knew its what I wanted to do for a living, I didn't ask myself the question anymore. And now since I’ve started farming, it’s so obvious to me. We do question ourselves sometimes, knowing that we could do better; be more ecological, have practices that are closer to people, closer to our employees and our community. Sometimes we question the relevance of our choices on the farm, but we never question the relevance of the farm itself.

"Sometimes we question the relevance of our choices on the farm, but we never question the relevance of the farm itself.”

How do you guys work as a team?

F: The employee-employer relationship has always been equal between us. It’s a very intense market gardening season where there are ups and downs, but they always work out. This is the business though; if Eloise wasn’t there, it wouldn't work.

What is farming about for you?

L: Beyond all the technical aspects of the farm and the pleasure of growing vegetables is being able to spend my day with the team, and having fun. Carrying out projects together, and then delivering what we do to the families who buy our vegetables, a special bond is created with them. We want them to get excited about their food as much as we love to grow their food. Anyway, that's what I think people really are at the heart of our farm.