Our Ethos

We believe that growing food naturally and locally will change the world. Our vision is to live in a future where everyone knows where their food comes from; where food is grown with care, by, and for people who care.

Our work is to empower all growers, whether home gardener, farmer, or homesteader with the tools, workwear, and inspiration they need to better enjoy their important work.

Small-scale growing will change the world one farm, one garden, one community, and one individual at a time. 

Ready. Set. Grow.

Equip yourself for a thriving garden

Here at Growers & Co., we make essential workwear and tools for those who love to grow food, to be outside, with their hands in the soil. Growers face the elements, rain or shine, to bring home that harvest. That's why each garment and tool is designed to keep a grower comfortable, to perform when needed, and to resist the wears of everyday hard work. 

Our vision is to live in a world where local food systems are thriving.

Through the Growing Change Initiative, we collaborate with boots-on-the-ground associations to provide equipment, knowledge, and financial support to small-scale regenerative farmers who are working to better feed their communities with locally-grown healthy food. 

Jean-Martin Fortier

Our Founder's Story

Internationally recognized as an expert on small-scale organic vegetable farming, Jean-Martin Fortier is a farmer, educator, and award-winning author of the best- selling book The Market Gardener. It has been his life’s work to share his expertise and vision to support the proliferation of small ecological farms and promote a global transition towards food systems based in nature and community.