Growers & Co. Magazine Issue 03


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In the latest edition of Growers & Co. Magazine, A Regenerative Movement, we explore how growers are redefining the agricultural system in favor of traditional practices that preserve the health of ecosystems and their communities.

We hear from regenerative advocates like Dr. Vandana Shiva, who shares her observations from over 20 years of food activism. We learn about the authentic roots of regenerative practices by connecting with Indigenous grower and seed keeper Rowen White and unpack the powerful linkages between the health of our bodies and food systems through an insightful discussion with Dr. Zach Bush. And of course, as always, we connect with a variety of inspiring farmers across North America, such as Jamie and Sarah from Off Beet Farm, Brenda Hsueh from Black Sheep Farm, and Eliot Coleman who are all maintaining practices that offer long-term regeneration to both the land and their local communities.

Rowen White
Black Sheep Farm
Culinary Breeding Network
Eliot Coleman
Erich Schultz
Joshua McFadden
Off Beet Farm
Dr. Vandana Shiva
Dr. Zach Bush
and many more...