Growers & Co. Magazine Issue 04


In this edition of Growers & Co. Magazine, entitled A Growing Resistance, we discover how the very act of placing one’s hand in the soil each day is an act of liberation, an act of rebellion. 

We explore this rebellion and the strides that some unique and inspiring people have made in fighting against the current agricultural and economic systems. We meet Alessandro Vitale, A.K.A. Spicy Moustache, who tells us about his journey to becoming a self-sustaining urban gardener. We interview activist Jillian Hishaw from F.A.R.M.S. who is leading the way in combating the decline of Black farmland in the US. We also do a deep dive into how Quebec is redefining its alcohol industry through natural wine, and then we travel to Fogo Island to discover how one inn is creating a self-sustaining ecosystem for the island through their food system.

All this and more as we unearth the stories that remind us we are not alone in fighting for a paradigm shift that is based in ecology, community, and a return to the land.

Cover Artist: Alexandre L’Heureux
Alyson Morgan
Jillian Hishaw
Spicy Moustache
Calypso Farms
Ferme la Maria
Lieux Communs
Vignes en Ville
Valhalla Farms
Duron Chavis
Jardin Lakou
and many more...

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