Discover Jean Martin Fortier’s newest endeavour in Stanbridge East: Espace Old Mill.

Cooking from one's garden and sourcing local foods is a dream for many. A hot topic of the moment, food self-sufficiency is on everyone's lips. Market gardener Jean-Martin Fortier has relocated to Stanbridge East to embark on the most ambitious project of his career: the establishment of a farm-to-table experience on the grounds of the Old Mill, a true historical landmark built in 1849.

The goal of blending the arts of the earth with those of the table is not without significance, but it is certainly not simple! On-site, everything is to be done. Jean-Martin and his collaborators have cleared an acre of land, set up what will serve as their cultivation greenhouse, and refurbished the entire building to transform it into a space for a gastronomic restaurant with one aim in mind: to create a local farming laboratory capable of entirely meeting the restaurant's needs year-round.

The documentary series "La table du fermier" will be available in its entirety on TV5Unis starting March 14 and will be broadcast on Unis TV Thursdays at 7 p.m. starting April 4.

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